Utah Football: I Guess I Have To Talk About The USC Game


The problem is, here we are entering week six and the Utes fifth game and I have no damn idea what we’re going to see.  When you have an offense that can neither run nor throw the ball and a defense that looked shockingly bad, what the hell are you supposed to expect.

So here I am at game five saying essentially the same thing I said at game one, talking about what I hope to see.

1. Some consistency and fight on the front line.  These guys have been blown up all season long and now we’re starting two freshmen.  Maybe it will help, maybe they’re too young and stupid to know they’re supposed to suck.

2. John White IV from last season.  Hopefully 12 days was enough to get some serious healing onto that boy.

3. A consistent passing game.  Although Jon Hays is our QB so I don’t have a lot of hope here.

4. A real package for Travis Wilson that doesn’t just allow the defense to go, hey here comes the option.  This might be the only real criticism I level at the offensive staff right now.  Because it’s the only place a spark might come from.

5. The defense we hoped we’d see.  I get their backs are against the wall, but maybe if they can generate some stops and turnovers, we could get something going.

So there I am, wishing in week five essentially for what I wished for in week one.  The one comforting thing is, by the end of Thursday we’ll have a final answer on what to see from this Ute team this year.

But we might not like the answer.