Mandi The Sorority Girl Picks the Pac-12


Mandi was 2-3(meh) last week and is 11-24(still ouch) against the spread this season.

As always, Mandi uses the Consensus Line at the time of writing from Vegas Insider. 

Boys I’m really trying hard I promise.  Mandi isn’t the kind of girl who just lays there.  It’s why I’m so good, I give an ugly girls effort despite being hot.  I’ll get this right for you guys.

Utah +14 vs USC

USC is many things, bitchy, arrogant, and very cute in a tight sweater.  As for what Utah is, it’s hard to tell.  They have a weird chicken for a mascot and can’t make up their mind if they’re slutty or not.  However, I believed in USC when they played my Andrew’s school and they failed.  I’m not going to believe in them now, no matter how confused Utah is.

Arizona +9 at Stanford

I want to believe in my Andrew’s school.  But they seem nearly as confused at Utah.  They beat USC and lose to Washington.  Maybe all the purple confused them.  I just think those cute kitties with their great tans might be too much.  And if I’m wrong I’m so sorry Andrew and I’ll make it up to you.  Call me.

Oregon St. +15 vs Washington St.

Those poor fat girls in Pullman aren’t even trying anymore.  It’s like they’ve decided it’s cake time.  Plus I keep thinking the Pumpkin Beavers have too stupid of colors and animal to possibly be good and they keep proving me wrong.  Since it’s nearly Halloween, I suppose I’ll put on some Orange and Black.

UCLA +2 1/2 at Cal

And sometimes they make this easy.  On one hand we have cute smart girls who wear bright colors and are happy.  On the other hand we have ugly smart girls who wear dark blue and glasses and wish they were the cute girls.  Too EASY.

Washington +24 at Oregon

You know I’m not a big fan of Washington.  Seattle seems cool and husky puppies are so cute.  But the girls can’t be bothered to get a tan, smell like coffee and desperation and walk around looking like the Stay Puffed Marshmellow Girl in a purple hoodie.  But they beat my Andrew’s school.  And despite the fact that I wish I had a complete wardrobe like Oregon, I’m going to snuggle with a husky.