Utah Football: Are We Ready For the Future…


So I saw an interesting tweet today and it’s got me thinking.

It was something along the lines of, when fans see games like West Virgina-Baylor or Georgia-Tennessee, we have to stop thinking it’s all about bad defense.  The idea is that the game has changed, that you can put so much talent on offense, that defenses simply can’t shut them down anymore.  The game has evolved.

I don’t know how many of you are Arena Football fans, but I lived in a city with Arena Football and not much else, so I had season tickets.  Arena Football is all about offense.  Essentially the rules make it nearly impossible to stop the other team.  The goal of the defense is essentially to make two more stops than the other team does.

And that is what college football is going to now.  You have to be able to do two things, put point on the board, quickly, and be good enough on defense to get a couple of stops.

I think a guy who gets this is Rick Rodriguez at Arizona.  If he had an ounce more talent on defense, they would truly be for real.  And Oregon has really embraced it.  Have a defense be able to make just enough stops so their offense can overwhelm you.

So that brings us to Utah.  Where we have a coach who certainly hasn’t thought that way.  Are we adjusting to the future?  I know a lot of people want to knee jerk no because of how last season and now this is going.  But I’m in a wait and see kind of place.  When we have an offensive line that can block and a QB who can throw, will we get out there and attack?

Because attacking, that is the future and if you don’t learn to do it, you’ll die, just like the dinosaurs.