THE BESTEST Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe: Week Six


And The Truth… Of This PowerPoll… Shall Set You Free

1. Oregon (Last Week- 1) Oregon has another close half that they blow open.  One has to wonder if this is the Oregon team to finally get that National Title to Eugene.  Next Week v Washington

2. Oregon St. (Last Week- 3) And the Beavers just keep finding ways to get it done.  A very improved Arizona squad gave it all they had, and the Beavers got it done.  One has to wonder if they have enough to stay with the Ducks. Next Week v Washington St.

3. USC (Last Week- 4) This suddenly fragile looking USC team heads to Salt Lake City to take on a very fragile looking Utah team.  You don’t want to be the loser of that game.  Next Week at Utah

4. UCLA (Last Week- 5) They ran away from Colorado in the second half last week.  They honestly might be the best team in the South, the rest of the way will be interesting.  Next Week at Cal

5. Arizona St. (Last Week- 7) They beat Cal in what looked like a bit of a lackluster performance, but they do keep on winning.  Next Week- BYE

6. Washington (Last Week- 8) That win over Stanford was a huge deal for Sark, who was looking like so much more bark than bite.  Now they need to keep it going.  Only instead they get Oregon.  Next Game at Oregon

7. (tie) Arizona (Last Week- 6) I hate to drop Arizona at all because they gave Oregon St. all they wanted.  But Washington deserves a reward for that win.  I’m not sure the W-L record will be awesome when its over but there is progress in Tucson. Next Game- at Stanford

7. (tie) Stanford (Last Week- 2) I don’t know what to do with this Stanford team.  They have less emotional stability than a 13 year old girl.  I made the 7th place tie to show that they are clearly better than Cal and the others.

9. Cal (Last Week- 9) Another Cal game, another Cal loss.  And the march to the end of the Tedford era just keeps rolling closer.  I assume Cal will be calling Gary Anderson who clearly knows how to work with less.  Next Game v UCLA

10. Utah (Last Week- 10) Hopefully the Utes put to good use this very needed week off.  Now they desperately need a good showing against USC.  I like Whittingham with his back against the wall, but Lane Kiffin’s back is against that same wall.  Next Game v USC

11. Colorado (Last Week- 11) The Buffalos gave a good battle for a half but are simply out talented by UCLA.  This is more what I was expecting from Colorado.  As long as they show fight, I think the people in Boulder have to be happy. Next Game- BYE

12. Washington St. (Last Week- 12) They also gave a decent accounting of themselves for a half against Oregon.  But it wasn’t enough to move them out of the cellar.  Again I think they simply have to look for effort from their team not wins.  Next Game- at Oregon St.