Mandi the Sorority Girl Picks The Pac-12


Mandi was 1-4 last week (ewwww) and is 9-21 on the season (double ewwww)

Editors Note: As is the tradition, Mandi uses the Consensus Line from Vegas Insider at the time of the writing of this piece.

This seems SO MUCH harder than last year.  Don’t get Mandi wrong, there are some things that Mandi LOVES when they get harder, just not doing these picks for you boys.  But I went and did some Yoga, got a mani/pedi and a massage and my mind is clear and I’m ready to do better.  So WOOOOO

Stanford – 6 1/2 at Washington

So two weeks ago, I picked against my Andrew’s school and guess what, they won.  Plus my man is doing so well in the NFL, I couldn’t be prouder.  He hasn’t called yet but I know he will.  This game is simple for me, I just can’t go against my mans school.  Not when Cardinal is a great color, purple is awful.  Cardinal for the win.

Arizona St. +2 1/2 at Cal

Look I’m pissed about those herpies spreading skanks at Arizona St. winning as much as the next gal.  We’ve all had one of these sluts come along bump into a guy your with, pretend they’re drunk and next thing they’re having sex in the bathroom of a Buffalo Wild Wings.  But they must be off their Valtrex and the festering sores have them extra angry.  I just don’t think the ugly smart girls at Cal have much of a chance against angry disease ridden whores of ASU.

UCLA -20 1/2 at Colorado

Last week threw me for a loop.  It seemed like the Buffalo had given up the will to live and then suddenly they beat the fat girls at Washington St.  As happy as I am for the Buffalo finding the will to live, you always hope the fat girls might find diet and exercise and they just haven’t.  Maybe living in Pullman just takes your will to live.  But Mandi digresses.  Those beautiful smart girls at UCLA and that cute little bear just won’t let themselves fall to the Buffalo.  Plus all the stupid hippies in Boulder will still be high from the last win to concentrate.

Arizona -3 v Oregon St.

I don’t understand Oregon St.  Orange and Black are really stupid colors to wear together outside of Halloween.  I don’t know what a Corvalis is and Beavers aren’t cute at all.  And yet they beat the pretty smart girls at UCLA.  I don’t think its right and I think it stops.  Pretty girls and a kitty, well they just have to be better.

Oregon -29 at Washington St.

Is it even fair to either play this game or make me pick it.  The fat girls at Wazzu have given up hope.  Honestly, I was hoping the big girls at Wazzu opt for weight loss surgery but they haven’t.  And Oregon just continues to be adorable.  Great clothes and amazing hats and so many to choose from.  Good colors and a cute little Duck oh my how can you just not LOVE THEM.