Utah Football: Spitballing Some Suggestions…


Ok, all things Utah were ugly on Saturday night and people are looking for solutions.  So I thought I’d throw some out at least for discussion.

1. Fans must revise expectations.  This possibility was kind of staring us in the face but everyone was so excited by the best case, they ignored the worst case and we’re kind of living the worst case.  Getting to a bowl game should be considered a success from where we are now.

Oh you want actual suggestions…

2. John White is hurt.  He’s half a step slow and he can’t cut.  With this offensive line he’s no help.  Sit him until he is healthy.  Take York, Radley and Oliver and give them a serious boot camp during this down time.

3. Travis Wilson.  Develop a small package for him (hey no jokes).  Something he can practice a lot.  Something along the lines of a pistolish type thingamagig, that develops into a pass off the option and can allow him to use his feet if he gets into space.  Wilson kind of reminds me of Colin Kapernick, so I think there might be some hope for this.

4. Bubble Screens.  Utah St. runs that all bubble screen offense.  Now they don’t work well in the Pac-12 because everyone has too much speed, but we have to try to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers in space.

5. Open the bag of tricks.  If the defense has to at least think about these, they’ll be a bit off balance, which will help.

Now all of these are just suggestions, a place to start a discussion.  And I could make a counter argument to every point  here.  It’s what happens when there aren’t any great options.

As for comments, I’ll say I’m not unhappy at all with Brian Johnson’s play calling.  I don’t know what the best offensive coordinators would call that would be better.  Even the White thing, I even get that you sometimes gotta dance with the girl ya brought to quote a Majerusism.

The defense was a total abortion.  That really needs to not happen again.  And it’s happened so rarely I’ll just chalk it up to a bad game.

Beyond that I’d be curious as to some other thoughts, here, twitter @hoyosrevenge or on facebook.