The BESTEST Pac-12 POWERPOLL In The Entire Universe


You are all witness… To this Powerpoll

1.  Oregon (Last Week- 1) I was wonder if there might be another contender for the Pac-12 when Arizona was close at half time.  Then it turns out there is a reason you play the second half.  Wow.  And now they go to Pullman?  Next game: At Wazzu

2.  Stanford (Last Week- 4) Ok I don’t feel great about this but 2 and 3 lost, so what am I to do.  Next Game at Washington

3. Oregon St. (Last Week- 6) I’m a Beaver Believer, this team can play some ball.  Mike Riley will keep his job.  Next Game at Arizona

4. USC (Last Week- 5) I just thought what Oregon St. did was more impressive.  Something about USC seems lackluster and I think they are vulnerable. Next Game- BYE

5. UCLA (Last Week- 2) It’s honestly not that I’m hating on the Bruins, its just that I’m so very in love with Oregon St. right now.  USC v UCLA will likely be for the Pac-12 South title. Next Game at Colorado

6. Arizona (Last Week-3) Ok so Rich Rod year one isn’t quite ready for Oregon.  I thought they played a nice half and they’ll have something to say about the South before its over.  Next Game vs Oregon St

7.  Arizona St. (Last Week- 8) After what they did to Utah, they get to jump a team that is on a bye, especially one I’m not very impressed with.  Next Game at Cal

8.  Washington (Last Week-7) Like I said, I haven’t been impressed.  They’ll get a chance to show more this coming week against the Trees.  Next Game vs Stanford

9. Cal (Last Week- 9) Ok, after a performance like that they would normally drop, but look at what is below them.  Next Game vs Cal

10. Utah (Last Week- 10) Bad QB, Bad O-Line, Hurt star running back plus a defense that rarely looks awful looking awful, put it all together and you get what you got in the Desert.  Next Game BYE

11. Colorado (Last Week- 12) I didn’t honestly think I’d move Colorado out of the bottom spot this whole season.  But you have to be so very happy for Jon Embree who is a good guy in a situation he didn’t create.  Maybe this means he might get a chance.  Next Game vs UCLA

12.  Washington St. (Last Week- 11) Mike Leach got introduced to the concept of Cougin It.  I thought that Wazzu offense might be able to bring more, but like Embree, Leach is in a situation he didn’t create.  Next Game vs Oregon.