All You Ever Wanted To Know About Arizona State


Arizona State was founded in 1885 as a teachers college known as Tempe Normal School.  Then the students realized they’d have no one to teach until the 1950’s with the invention of air conditioning because who the hell would move to Arizona before air conditioning.  So they began to drink.

This began a long tradition of people knowing they had no future because they went to Arizona St., so they might as well try alcoholism.

In the 1930, in an attempt to get some girls a life, the state of Arizona passed a law that sent dumb but attractive girls to Arizona St., so that wealthy men could select from them as trophy wives.

Athletically, Arizona St. spent most of it’s history competing against schools like Utah and New Mexico.  It was a founding member of the Western Athletic Conference and remained their until their departure for the Pac-10 in 1977.  Arizona St. people refer to this as the time they don’t remember.

ASU fans tend to be proud of their athletic prowess, which is strange because they have none.  Since Frank Kush was fired for being a real A-Hole, they’ve managed 2 Rose Bowls and not much else.  And in basketball they’ve been nothing more than a baby sister to Arizona and the rest of the Pac-12.  Well except for that point shaving incident.  That was cool.

So, upon Utah’s arrival into the Pac-12 the one group of fans who decided to act big time was Arizona St.  I mean with a history like that how could they now.

And there is all you need to know about Arizona St.