Utah Football: I Really Don’t Like Arizona St.


I hate Arizona St., I really do.

Now I know that is an odd thing to say, it’s sort of like having feelings about Finland or  Denny’s, I mean what have they ever done to me.

Well first, I really hate underachievers and Arizona St. is San Diego St. only on a much greater level.

Back in the 1970’s the rumor is that they were very good because they had a wildly abusive and dirty coach in Frank Kush.  He punched a punter after a bad punt and was treated like a hero.  He then was canned, went to the Colts and as it turns out had a real hand in driving them from Baltimore, only he was hoping to force them to Phoenix.  In short he was a piece of crap.

Then they had a great big period of not doing anything.

And the Jake the mistake Plummer came.  He got them to a Rose Bowl before being mostly awful in the NFL.  Jake Plummer is from Boise, btw, that’s why he double sucks.

Then Arizona St. went back to doing nothing.

Now to top it off they’ve made back to back douchebag hires in Dennis Erickson and Todd Graham.

Also their fans were the least welcoming in the Pac-12 to Utah joining.  Which is a lot like a D list movie star trying to act all big time.  I suppose if Arizona St. had done anything in their time in the Pac-12, maybe they wouldn’t be so pissy.

So yeah, I think Arizona St. sucks and I’d really like Utah to kick their ass.