Utah Football: So Let’s Turn to Arizona St.


So what do we know about the Sun Devils…

Their old coach was Dennis Erickson, who was an ass but at least he was a fun ass.  Their new coach is Todd Graham, who is a real ass and not fun at all.

They’re a lot better than Illinois and not nearly as good as Missouri.

Last year’s game isn’t much of a guide to go on as Utah hadn’t yet adjusted to dealing with Jon Hays at QB.  Jon Hays was a significantly worse QB at the time.  And we hadn’t fully turned the load over to John White.  On the other hand, Arizona St. was running an entirely different offense.

So what do we expect?

Utah’s effort was night and day different for BYU compared to Utah St.  And with the way we lost last year versus ASU combined with it being the opening of Pac-12 play, you would expect a good effort from the Utes.  Arizona St., who was feeling good about itself all of a sudden isn’t.  And honestly they remain at least partially a mystery.

In short this game is going to tell us which way each team is going.  A win for Utah and they have to like their chances to make noise in the Pac-12 South, especially with USC looking vulnerable.  A win for ASU and they have to be thinking the exact same team.

In essence, this is a Pac-12 South elimination game.

This is why we’re in the Pac-12.  How often did games come along like this in the MWC.  And we’re looking at four straight of them.

And So It Goes.