Utah Football: Some YouTube Funnies from the Holy War


Ok first we have Bronco going to fight a Ute fan.  Now a couple of things on this.  One, as a rule coaches get paid millions to walk away from this.  Two, I want to know what the guy said to make Bronco flip. Three, but damnit you have to commit to it, if you’re going to mix it up with a coach stand in there.  The coach probably won’t throw a punch, because if he does he’s likely out of a job.  And if you’re afraid, there are three cops there, so you’re not going to take a beating.  And if Bronco punches you, you’re a hero for all time.  Instead you come off looking like a douche.

Ok here is J.D. Falsev swearing. I mostly get where Falsev is coming from, but he kind of swears like a really mad little girl.

The Start of this Shutdown Fullback thing is excellent

Finally here is someone lip reading Mitt Romney. Ok, not really a Holy War thing, but since all of BYU and 1/2 the U of U is voting for Romney, I think its relevant.