The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Entire Universe: Week 4


All other Pac-12 PowerPolls suck and that be the truth…

1. Oregon (Last Week 2)- We have a new number one because they just keep clubbing everyone and some other team didn’t.  Next Game: Arizona

2. UCLA (Last Week 3)- The Bruins just keep doin’ work, don’t know what else to day.  The boys at just might be ready to pee themselves. Next Game: Oregon St.

3. Arizona (Last Week 4)- The Cats keep on keepin on as well.  They’ll get a chance to prove just how far they’ve come this week in Eugene.  Next Game: at Oregon

4. Stanford (Last Week 7)- Ok I didn’t see that coming at all.  I really thought Stanford would take a step back.  Or is USC just not all that.  This will be a fascinating story to watch.  Next Game- BYE

5. USC (Last Week 1)- The Trojans were a tricky one because it’s hard to tell what that Stanford game meant.  Is Stanford for real, is USC not, somewhere in the middle?  So many questions.  Next Game- Cal

6. Oregon St. (Last Week 6)- The Beavers took the week off and no one below them was so special as to jump over OSU.  OSU gets their own chance to show just how for real they are this week in the Rose Bowl. Next Game: At UCLA

7. Washington (Last Week 8)- I’m still nowhere near sold on Washington.  But they got a blowout win and Arizona St. lost.  They get the promotion.  Next Game: BYE

8. Arizona St. (Last Week 5)- I see Arizona St. as an enigma, inside of a riddle and stuffed into a really hot coed.  I don’t know what to make of this team.  They looked for crap against Missouri until a late rally.  Missouri looked for crap against Georgia.  What does this mean.  I don’t know.  Next Game: Utah

9. Utah (Last Week 10)- Yeah Cal played well here and the officials errr BYU nearly came back on Utah.  Not that I’m bitter.  Utah did what they needed to do missing 2 safeties, with a backup QB and no John White.  I think that is a good sign.

10. Cal (Last Week 9)- OK Cal played Ohio St.  So what, they still totally Cal-ed it.  Which means they’re going to totally Cal some other games and end up doing nothing.  Stop doing dumb things and then I’ll listen Jeff Tedford. Next Game: at USC

11. Washington St. (Last Week 11)- Struggling to get past UNLV is not going to do you any favors, unless the team below you was destroyed by Fresno.  Next Game: Colorado

12. Colorado (Last Week 12)- Honestly after what happened in Fresno, if you told me Jon Embree was fired, I’d have believed it.  In fact let me Google that…  Nope, looks like he still has a job.  Next Game: at Washington St.