Utes WIN Utes WIN


I’ll have more tomorrow when I have a chance to think about it.  But here are my initial impressions.

1.  Still concerned about the next four games, but at least we’re better than BYU.  Our defense really suffocated them.

2.  Without John White and with Jon Hays Brian Johnson called a great game,  he did enough.

3. Our kicking game is always an abortion in some form every game.

4. Muss don’t rush the damn field vs BYU, we’ve won 4-5 for God Sakes, we’ve passed them now.  They are no longer worthy of a field rush.

5. That live ball foul was a crap call.  Use some discretion, BYU clearly didn’t deserve another chance.

6. Utah has to cut out the mistakes, we might shut BYU out tonight without all the personal fouls.

7. Between the noise from the crowd and Star Lotulelei, the BYU O-Line and Riley Nelson will have nightmares.