Utah Football: Deep Thoughts The Morning After


Well, after last night, where do I begin.  How about with a controversial statement.

Last night was a clear example of how Utah has really pushed past BYU and this rivalry is inching towards being not really competitive.  Last night Utah goes without both starting safeties, has a new QB who isn’t good, an O-Line that I fear the Pac-12 is still going to have its way with and our All-American running back.  And it took serious miscues in the punting game to make it a close game.  I have to wonder, after the hiatus, how far apart the two sides will be.

Star Lotulelei had one of the truly dominant performances by a D-lineman last night.  He ate up the BYU line.  Star combined with the noise led to what 97 false starts (or oh year it was cadence mimicking).  Wow.

Jon Hays is what we need him to be.  A guy who doesn’t hurt us.

While I still have O-line worries, this group didn’t totally suck, so there may be some hope.

Now some bad thoughts.

Coleman got another kick blocked but redeemed himself bigtime with what turned out to be the game winner.  Hope this starts something.

NOW THE DAMN PUNTING GAME IS CRAP.  COME ON.  It essentially cost us the Utah St. game, now it nearly cost us the BYU game.  Sellwood moves to Shanksville and then has to pull one down to prevent another block.  REALLY?  Ok this has to get fixed right away.

While I’m not unhappy with the O-Line play.  We need more.

The penalties are not good.  You have to wonder if we shut BYU out but for the personal fouls.   And yeah several of them were crap but you have to adjust.

Finally congrats to the BYU fans for coming up with the best excuse ever for the loss, “Cadence Mimicking.”  Whomever had Cadence Mimicking in the pool, you’re the big winner.

Also to the MUSS, you are not smart, not even close to smart.  You embarrassed yourselves and your school last night and you owe us all an apology.  Yes it was a crap call, but if you don’t do it, they can’t make that call.  But further, BYU is no longer worthy of a field rush.  Beating them is something we do almost annually now.  It’s time you figure that out.  You nearly ruined a night where you guys really brought it.  Don’t let it happen again.