Utah Football: I’m Saying There’s A Chance.


I still have a great many concern for the Utes.  However, something happened last night to make me think maybe our problems are not insurmountable today.  UNLV went toe to to with Washington St.  And if Washington St. wasn’t forced to play Conner Halliday (the guy many thought should be playing anyway) the Cougs might have gone down in flames to the Rebels.  Now I try not to play the comparative score game, but UNLV was able to move the ball on Washington St. in some manner close to the effectiveness of BYU.

Before last night I simply thought that our problems might be to insurmountable for a win.  Now I think maybe not.  Utah don’t have to be great on offense, we just have to generate some.  We need to not make mistakes on offense and special teams and rely on our defense and that can be enough tonight.

Now I’m still no saying it will be because as the old saying goes, the enemy gets a vote.  Just because BYU might not be national champions, they still don’t suck.  They will have some say about how this goes.

But a week ago I wasn’t sure we could over come all we needed to for a win.

Now I’m saying there’s a chance.