Utah Football- Some Final Game Thoughts


It’s Friday and enough talk about my lack of motivation for this game.  What is it that we might actually see on the field?

– Utah’s Defense is still Utah’s Defense and is very much talented enough to really throw a wrench in what BYU does.

–  Also our Defense has forced 13 fumbles in 2 games.  Those will be reasons that despite a complete lack of offense, BYU is nowhere near a lock for this game.

–  As for the Utah offense.  We need to see a couple of things.  First, I think we need to see a bit more of a commitment to the running game.  I thought at times we got away from it before we needed to at Utah St.  Next we have to throw quicker.  I don’t know if it was by design, but Jordan seemed to hold the ball too long.

– Quarterback.  This has to be Jon Hays.  You don’t throw a true to the wolves, especially against a decent BYU team.  If Wilson is to start this season, it won’t be before Cal.  And we need Hays to manage the game, no turnovers.  If our offense isn’t going to be great, we must have it at least not working against us.

– Travis Wilson.  Now I’d like to see some Wilson. 10 plays or so and a few of them where he just lines up and hands off.  And I’d like him to take one shot deep.  That way you can’t assume Wildcat when he comes in.

–  O-Line.  You looked bad in a lot of ways last week.  While there are things the coaches can do, sometimes you just have to hit somebody.

–  I think the thing to remember is, even if we don’t have an offense, stay in the game.  BYU is driven nuts but the fact that they can’t put us away even in the years that they clearly should.  Stay in the game, keep fighting, give ourselves a shot at the end and let BYU emotionally deal with one more Ute team they just couldn’t put away.

So There You Go.