Utah Football- Thoughts About BYU Losing To Try To Cheer Me Up


Anyone who stops by regularly knows that I’m not at all excited about this years Utah-BYU game.  Maybe its being in the Pac-12, maybe its malaise from the Utah St. loss, maybe I’m just bored with BYU, I don’t know.  But I thought I’d publish some random thoughts about BYU losing to try and cheer myself up and give me a chuckle.

– I grew up a Wyoming fan and in 1987, BYU went to Provo and shocked the Cougs with a muffed snap on an extra point that Wyoming turned into a two point conversion.

– In 1988 in the first night game in Laramie history, they knocked Sean Covey out, picked off Ty Detmer five times and generally humiliated BYU.

– That same year Utah humiliated BYU in the Rice Bowl.  I’ve actually never seen that game.

– In 1992 BYU had a QB named Ryan Hancock who was also a pretty good pitcher.  He was tackled and tore his ACL in the Utah game.  BYU fans claim this happened out of bounds despite of clear video evidence showing it was in bounds.  One of the great BYU myths.

– 1993 Chris Yergensen drills a 55 yarder.  A riot nearly happens on the field post game.

-1994 Bronzell Miller and Luther Elliss combine for a sack and fumble recovery to seal a second straight win

– 1995 Utah destroys BYU and makes it three in a row.

–  The next few games were back and forth but not a ton stands out for me.

–  2000 yeah Utah lost the game but I ruined some BYU family attempting to film parts of LaVells final game by drunkenly screaming about Satan helping the Utes.  If you know that story its really kinda weird.  Also Luke Staley totally fumbled.

–  2003 3-0 ends BYU’s scoring streak.  And seriously this game was an amazing asskicking for being 3-0.

– 2004 Honestly I think ’03 might have felt like a bigger beatdown, BYU was slightly competitive.

– 2005 Now this one was special because Brett Ratliff kind of pulled it out of his ass.  Brett was good one second awful the next, but he was good enough that day.

– 2008 I picked off Max Hall, hahahahaha

– 2009 Now I know Utah lost this game, but a couple of things happened.  First my son was born two days before this game so nothing could have made me sad.  Although I swore in front of him for the first time that day.  For the record it was an F-Bomb.  Second, it showed what a total little bitch Max Hall was, waiting to run his mouth when he knew he’d never face us again.  Not to mention just making up a story about Utah fans throwing beer on his family.  He made the same story up about Arizona or Arizona St. fans I forget which.  Although if its true, at some point you have to think the problem is Max Hall’s family.  (Also insert six month mission joke here).

–  2010  This one was fun because Jordan Wynn without a shoulder outdueled Jake Heaps.  Which everyone accepts now but at the time all BYU fans thought Heaps was going to win three Heismans.  BTW I’m totally bitter how this Heaps thing worked out.  I fully lost out on two full years of humor and it pisses me off.

– 2011 Yeah, that Heaps fumble pretty much ended his career.  Now all BYU fans pretend like they weren’t willing to do anything sexually for him.  Again, I was robbed of good material here.

Well there you go folks, some random memories to try and rekindle the fire of the rivalry inside me and you.  Hope it works.