Utah Football- Thank You Jordan Wynn


I don’t know how big of a fan Jordan Wynn is of us over here at Hoyo’s Revenge, in any event, I’d like to say two words to him…

Thank You.

While I was always a fan, I became one of your top supporters when you went out against a very good TCU team and just kept firing, taking shot after shot after shot.  When you blew up Cal in the bowl game I thought we’d really found something special.  But it wasn’t meant to be.

First your right shoulder then your left shoulder.  Three surgeries later and a fourth one on the way and it’s time to call it a career.

And who can blame you?

Many Ute fans never took to you for some reason.  Of course many Ute fans never took to Brian Johnson right up until he won the Sugar Bowl.  There are members of our fanbase who confuse being injured for not being good.  What can I say, they’re mouth-breathing window lickers.

And honestly, I was hoping that you’d get the same chance Brian had, to get the last laugh and have the rest of time where all these people who doubted you are forced to kiss your ass.  Because that would have been really really sweet.

But none of us will be getting that ending.

So thanks for all you did.  Thank you for your 14 wins, your 4000 plus yards passing and your 33 touchdowns.  Congrats on finishing your degree in 3 1/2 years.  And I admire the hell out of you how many times you kept fighting back from injury.  I think you’ll make a heck of a coach.

Thank You Jordan Wynn for being a true Utah Man.