Utah Football- I Suppose I Have To Talk About BYU


You know a couple of weeks ago I was looking forward to this game, Utah’s first real test and final tune up before we enter the Pac-12 season (and what a season it could be).   But the Utah St. happened and Jordan Wynn’s career is over and I have to say, a great big part of me doesn’t care.

First, how am I suppose to analyze this game.  Who knows what the Utah offense might look like.  Will it be mostly Hays with just a dose of Wilson?  Will we see a significant amount of Wilson?  All Wilson?  And with the problems with the offensive line, does it really matter?

Second, our defense is very good and would give us a shot normally, but what does everything above us mean.

Third, BYU is more improved than I thought.  How improved remains to be seen, but is it so much that we don’t have a shot considering all of our issues.

My hope is that the team rallies.  That we pull some sort of two headed QB offense out of our ass that can do enough scoring to give us a shot most weeks.  My fear is that we’re last years team with a worse offensive line and that would be very troubling.

So right now, I don’t know how to focus on BYU.  I don’t know how to focus on what the Pac-12 might hold for us.

We’re entering week three of the season, but in oh so many ways, we’re starting from scratch.

Let’s hope Whit can bake up something good.