The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The University: Week Three


As always, the only Pac-12 PowerPoll that matters.  So lets GET IT ON

1.  USC (Last Week- 1) The Trojans just keep doin’ what they do baby.  No other way to say it.

2.  Oregon (Last Week- 2) So do the Ducks.

3.  UCLA (Last Week- 5) I thought about putting Arizona here just to irritate the guys at but the Bruins are doing everything right so far.  Credit where credit is due.

4.  Arizona (Last Week- 6) Last week I said not to sit on the Wildcats, and I was right.  A crazy talented offense.  A QB born to run this system and a defense that can do just enough.  The Cats are dangerous.

5.  Arizona St. (Last Week- 7)  Just as I’m about to hurt myself patting myself on the back, I have to say, as much as I was right about the Wildcats, I was wrong about the Sun Devils.  The Pac-12 South just became a very interesting place.

6.  Oregon St. (Last Week- 10) Ok I don’t expect them to stay here.  But they beat 13th ranked Wisconsin, and for one week the Beavers deserve a little limelight.

7.  Stanford (Last Week- 8) So they struggle against San Jose St. and then crush Duke.  I still don’t quite know what to make of the Cardinal.

8.  Washington (Last Week-4) I struggled with how far to drop Washington because after all they did play LSU.  But they looked horrible, like they didn’t even belong on that field.  The Huskies have a chance to make their way back but for right now, this seems fair.

9.  Cal (Last Week- 9) Struggling with Southern Utah for three quarters is not the way to impress anyone.  Still have to think Mr. Tedford is Dead Coach Coachin.

10.  Utah (Last Week- 3)  I’d have dropped them further but this conference has Wazzu and Colorado in it.  Utah has serious problems on the o-line and a QB situation in turmoil.  If Kyle Whittingham finds his way out of this one, it might be his best coaching job.

11.  Washington St. (Last Week- 12)  Well lets look at it this way, they didn’t lose to a Big Sky team, because that would be embarrassing…

12.  Colorado (Last Week 11)  Speaking of embarrassing…  Look I like Jon Embree A LOT.  But the boosters are going to get mighty restless mighty fast by losing to CSU and then a Big Sky school.