Pac-12 Football: 12 Things We Learned in Week 2


1.  The Death of Pac-12 Football have been greatly exaggerated.

2.  Jordan Wynn’s football career is probably over.  No matter how serious the injury is, I don’t see how Utah can really trust him at QB ever again.  The hit wasn’t even that big of a hit.  And every time you put him on the field it means you gave a week of reps to a guy who will likely not finish the game.  Doing that probably means losing that game.

3.  Jon Embree’s time at Colorado might be shorter than we all thought.  I like Embree and I liked the hire but ouch.  He’s got A LONG WAY to go.

4.  Arizona is for real.  I saw this in person last night.  They have an offense that can just throw points onto the scoreboard.  Real talent at QB and the skill positions.  And their defense while not great, can do enough.

5.  UCLA is for real as well.  I didn’t see this game but that win looks impressive.  It looks like Arizona can do everything right as well.

6.  Arizona St. is for real?  Ok, I sure as hell didn’t expect to type those words.  But when you beat a Big 10 team (even Illinois) convincingly, well you’re doing something right.

7.  Oregon St. is for real???  Now this is just getting silly.  But they beat Wisconsin, how can they be discounted at this point.

8.  Stanford isn’t Duke bad.  And maybe they aren’t as horrible as that San Jose St. game showed (at least its an argument I’ll be making about Utah and the USU game) but I’m not sure how good they are.

9.  Cal is not good, they battled SUU for quite a while.

10.  Washington is not even close to LSU good, which means they aren’t close to Oregon or USC good, which means they are not a factor in the Pac-12.

11.  The Big 10 and Big 12 can officially lick it.

12.  Finally, who thought the Pac-12 South was going to become the battle ground.  While we can hand Oregon the Pac-12 North now, unless Oregon St. is really really for real, the south may be a little interesting with UCLA, Arizona and Arizona St. all looking like they have at least a punchers chance against the Trojans.  And my Utes, everyones preseason darlings are looking at 5th in the division.  WOW.