Utah Football: How Do We Fix It?


When I was a younger man and before having a child, I used to freak out at games like last night.  It would often end with me yelling at a girlfriend, then drinking, then being in a funk for a couple of days.  Then I had a baby, realized there isn’t much point at yelling at him and figured out its best to just see what went wrong and how can we make it better.

So Utah Football, I’m looking at you like I look at my two year old and you’ve just spilled a glass of water on my laptop.  I’m not happy, but what we have to do is clean this mess up and try to stop it happening again.  So here is a plan.

1.  Jordan Wynn’s career has to be done.  I’ve defended Jordan harder than anyone.  But I’ve watched that hit 20 times.  It just wasn’t all that.  If after all the work and rehab, he can’t stay healthy from that, we have to face it.  Plus every time we practice with him, it’s hurts us because guys who likely will have to take meaningful reps can’t.  I really like Jordan Wynn, but we just can’t anymore.

2.  The Offensive-Line.  It is bad and I don’t have an answer right now, but this has to be the place to go to work.  Maybe we need to simplify things.  Maybe we need to move some bodies around.  I don’t know.  But we have to have a solution.  This is our biggest problem right now without question.

3.  The offensive play calling.  No I’m not throwing BJ under the bus.  Because how in the hell do you call plays when you have a bad offensive line?  But last night we kept trying to do things we’re not really capable of doing.  Now we have to come back to the drawing board this week.  We have Jon Hays, who can’t throw good and we have Travis Wilson who is raw as hell.  We have to come up with an offense that works for those guys.  GO.  Oh and it would probably help if we had an offensive line.

4.  Did I mention the offensive line.

5.  Finally, I have to give credit to the defense.  Without an offense and with a difficult mobile QB, they kept us in the game, gave us a chance, shut down Utah St. for all but one real drive and one fluke/penalty aided drive.  This defense is real if we can give it some offense.

So it should be an interesting week in Utedom.