Utah Football: Final Pre-Game Thoughts For Utah St.


I’ve been half kidding all week about how Utah is going to destroy Utah St.  Ok not really kidding at all.  Utah is better at Utah St. at nearly every position except for maybe kicker and thats only because I have no earthly idea who their kicker is.  He might actually be worse than Coleman Petersen.

So let’s face facts.

Utah should control this game.  No I don’t expect 41-0 and Utah St. never crossing mid-field, but I also expect that the game will never be in doubt.  I believe Utah is the toughest game on Utah St.’s schedule and that includes Wisconsin, whom the Aggies face next week.  In short, this will be a nice tune-up for BYU.

Utah St.’s QB Chuckie Keeton is a mobile sort who will help us prepare for Riley Nelson.  They are a clear step up from UNC, so we’ll get used to a better team.  They can play a little bit of defense so it will force our offense to be a bit more in sync early.

But make no mistake, Utah St. isn’t a team who should challenge Utah.  They aren’t a team Utah should be afraid of.  They are a team Utah should simply take care of and move along.

That’s the reality of this game.