Utah Football: It seems Aggie fans really think they can win.


Utah St. Aggie Fans, Bless Their Hearts.

I’ve never seen a school do so very little with their fans thumping their chest so very much.  They’re like the Missouri of the intermountain west.

I mean we’ve been over the illusion that is their basketball program.  Instead of building a real mid-major power like Gonzaga or Xavier, Utah St. has opted for playing a lot of bad teams for glossy win totals.  They enjoy missing the NCAAs with 26 wins because they didn’t get the auto-bid.  When they do get the auto-bid, they live for their 13 seed one and done where they played real well. (and for some reason this is what Utah Basketball has decided to become, but I digress)

Now it’s carried over to football.  These adorable little Aggies managed to go 7-6 last year.  Which is like their first good record in forever.  They lost to a BYU team we beat like a red-headed step child.  They lose three players to the NFL, and with all that, they’re going to beat us.

Now I don’t actually enjoy coming off so arrogantly, but really Aggies?

Look I’m actually happy that you don’t suck.  And I generally root for you because it seems just mean to root against you.  But you’re playing in a different league now.  Utah is on a mission this year and you’re simply a step, a step we’ll take care of with precision.

And before you point out to me your game against Auburn, allow me to point out you also went double overtime against Idaho and had an awesome 3 point win over New Mexico St.

Not to mention you lost 3 players with NFL talent.

So bless your hearts for the passion as misguided as it may be.

And maybe I shouldn’t rain on your parade, after all the reality will set in Friday night.

So I take it back, live it up Aggies, you’ll be back to being who you’ve always been soon enough.