The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Universe: WEEK 2


That’s right, its back, the only Pac-12 PowerPoll that really matters.  So LETS GET IT ON.

1. USC (Last Week- 1) USC didn’t do anything last week to make us doubt them in their workman like destruction of the Rainbows.  I doubt much will change after this week when they curb stomp Syracuse.

2. Oregon (Last Week- 2) Oregon likewise did little to change our perception of them.  (Except taking a 50 point lead and then allowing Arkie St to cover, really Ducks don’t you care about the gamblers?)  And again nothing is likely to change with Fresno coming to town.

3.  Utah (Last Week- 3) Ok its broken record time.  Utah didn’t allow Northern Colorado to break mid-field.  This week they go to Utah St. who lost 3 players to the NFL.  Utah will almost certainly return to this spot.

4.  Washington (Last Week- 4(tie))  Washington will retain this spot, but I really thought for them to challenge, they’d have to look better against SDSU, instead they looked…. meh.  If they were to win at LSU however that could change things, even playing well could.

5.  UCLA (Last Week- 7) You have to be happy for UCLA fans who actually got to see good football last week for the first time in awhile.  Now they get Nebraska and like Washington above them, a chance to show just how for real they are.

6.  Arizona (Last Week-10)  Ok a lot of people are are bagging on Zona and I don’t get it.  They put up nearly 600 yards of offense and had several unforced errors including 3 trips to the redzone with no points.  My bet is that gets better.  They won’t win the south but beware getting in a shootout with them.

7.  Arizona St. (Last Week- 11) If you follow me you know I love to bag on the Sun Devils.  I don’t think much of their entire athletic department.  But they blew someone out and looked good doing it, gotta give them some credit.

8.  Stanford (Last Week- 6) I said it last week, most teams are hurt when they lose that much talent.  Stanford isn’t Alabama (and how true is that statement in so many ways).  But a battle for your life vs San Jose St. I would rank them lower but these last four really outdid themselves (3 of the 4 of them anyway).

9. Cal (Last Week- 4(tie)) Nevada, really Jeff Tedford?  Do you just not want to coach anymore but can’t bring yourself to quit?  I think you’ll get your wish by season’s end.

10.  Oregon St. (Last Week- 12) Yes Oregon St.  moves up two spots by not playing.  Because the last two have really earned their spot.

11.  Colorado (Last Week- 9)  I was high on the Buffaloes and I like Jon Embree but I think I’ve underestimated the rebuild job that needs to happen in Boulder.  You can’t lose to CSU and a first year coach, even if that guy is from Bama.

12. Washington St. (Last Week-8) Wow that was a Stinky Stinkerton effort in week one if there ever was one.  I knew Wazzu wouldn’t have defense, but to not have offense either, well there isn’t a whole lot left.  Gonna be a long year on the Palouse and a very big job for Leach.