Pac-12 Football: 12 Things We Learned From Week One


1.  USC is very good.  The Trojans went out and took care of bidness.  They can’t be questioned right now.

2.  Oregon clearly doesn’t care enough about bettors to cover.  The Ducks exploded to a 50-0 lead only to give up a bunch of second half points, meaning they didn’t cover the 35 1/2. (USC does the same thing allowing Hawaii a 4th quarter cover of +40).

3. Stanford has come back to earth.  What remains to be seen is how big the fall is.

4. Stanford’s fall couldn’t be as big as Cal could it?  Jeff Tedford’s Cal team which was supposed to cause some trouble instead implodes vs Nevada.  Have to believe Tedford is about done.

5. Arizona St. is much better than Northern Arizona.

6. Utah is much better than Northern Colorado.  The next question is what do those things mean.

7. UCLA knows how to score points again.  Looks like the Bruins won’t be screaming, “Oh No We Suck Again.”

8. Ok, I didn’t see the Washington-Sandy Eggo St. game, but I gotta believe Commander Wolf Wolf Wolf wanted a blow-out.  The fact he didn’t get it makes me wonder more about the all-Bark no-Bite Huskies.

9. Arizona is going to surprise some people.  But what I find more surprising is that people aren’t seeing it.  The Wildcats generated nearly 600 yards of offense and it was a couple of essentially unforced errors that prevented this from being a total blow-out.  That being said, Okie Lite will kill them next week.

10.  Colorado is bad.  I like Jon Embree but the rebuild in Boulder is massive.  Wonder if he’ll get time to get it done.

11. Washington St. is also very bad.  They have no defense and no offense.  Have to wonder where the Cougs go from here.

12. Not having a kicking game can kill your team.  Although Arizona survived and Utah didn’t need it this week.  Keep those misses in your mind.