Utah Football: Utes win 41-0… Post Game Thoughts


First off, how great is it to have football back.

Second we’ll take some more in-depth looks tomorrow but for right now this is what sticks with me.

1.  I have to say I love the play calling in the new offense, Mr. Brian Johnson has worked very hard.  Lots of formations, lots of different attacks and you have to figure there is A LOT more where that came from.

2.  Jordan Wynn looked both good and healed to me.  Outside of the interception it was a very good game.

3.  I’ll look more tomorrow but I now know this, the Jordan Wynn haters have no interest in facts or reality or anything other than hating Jordan Wynn.  I was chatting with a couple and it was like they were watching a different game.

4.  We started slow and I think we were especially flat up front in the O-Line.  That has to be better.

5.  Well wasn’t Travis Wilson a pleasant surprise.  The kid is a player.  It’s nice to know we have some future at QB.

6.  The defense is every bit as special as we think it will be.  Never letting a team cross mid-field.  That is a really special thing to do.

7.  Coleman Petersen.  I don’t know what to do here.  Can the Aussie kick FG’s.  Can the Aussie drop-kick.  We may be stuck for this season.  Please Coach Whittingham, make recruiting a kicker a priority.  This is going to cost us another game.

8.  Jake Murphy is a man among boys, a warrior poet.

That’s all for tonight, we’ll look deeper tomorrow.