Utah Football: Its Time To Play Ball Because I’ve Got Nothing


For Utah Football all the story lines are set…

– Will Jordan Wynn stay healthy?

– Will the Offensive Line be enough to get the job done in Pac-12 season 2?

– How great can our defense be?

– Will our kicking game kill us?

– Can we beat USC?

There are tiny little subplots here and there but none are worth more than a paragraph or so. Essentially the stage is set, the five questions above are what stand between Utah and a very special season.

Outside of that I’m out of things to write about.  I could rehash my prediction for Northern Colorado.  Here is one I did all the way back in May.  And over the next few days you’ll here plenty more.  I could talk more about what the Brian Johnson offense might look like but its mostly guesswork from here on out and we’ll see the real thing in two days.

I could brag about the defense, buy you all know how good they are going to be.

I could fret about the kicking game, but there is nothing to be done about it now but hope.  Which really really sucks and I’d like to see that one part of Utah football change.  But honestly a column it does not make.

Do you want 250 words on Jordan Wynn’s shoulders?  At this point either they hold or they don’t.

So right now I’m like the players, yeah I’ve enjoyed the offseason but we need some gameplay.  Because there is nothing left to talk about.

And on that note, since I’m a Direct TV person and all bars have Direct TV, I’m facing a real issue watching this game.  So if one of you have knowledge of where a pirate feed of the game would be, email that information to hoyosrevenge@gmail.com.  Now it’s not because I would ever use a pirate feed, it’s just that I’m curious if such a thing might exist.

So not much left to blog about, its time to play some ball.