Utah Utes Football- Afternoon Tidbits (Plus One Basketball)


I thought I’d throw out a couple of tidbits I heard that might be food for thought.

1. According to a Tweet from Dave Fox, the Utes are going to be looking to get Travis Wilson snaps against Northern Colorado.  That would seem to say a few things.  One, Mr. Wilson won’t be redshirting and two, the battle for back up might not be entirely over.  I still have to wonder if we lost Mr. Wynn for a significant amount of time, if Travis Wilson wouldn’t be the long term solution.  Or maybe we’re putting in a wildcat.

2. It seems Jarrell Oliver is now the back up to Juan Blanco IV.  I wonder if it’s a matter something like York struggling with pass protection or since we’re going to throw to the backs more, is Oliver a better receiver.

3.  Because of a couple of shifts of players getting talent on the field, I’m cautiously optimistic about the O-Line.  Now we need those guys to stay healthy.

4.  Honoring Rick Majerus.  I received an email from a friend who knows things, and then was pointed to a post on a message board that both said the same thing.  The hold up in honoring Rick Majerus is not because of Chris Hill, it is because of Rick Majerus.  If that is true, as hard as I’ve been on Chris Hill, I should thank him for knowing its time.  Also, I know Majerus can be stubborn and hold a grudge and I think he has reason to.  But it would be sad to let all of that get in the way of people saying thank you.