The Bestest Pac-12 PowerPoll In The Universe


Ok You People, after enduring a horrid basketball season and a very long summer, we finally get back to something UTAH is good at…


So we’re going to kick this off with what will be a new weekly feature, THE BESTEST PAC-12 POWERPOLL IN THE UNIVERSE.  Yeah, its that freakin good.  And with no further adieu, here we go.

1. USC- And how can you doubt the Trojans.  They still have some guys on scholarship.  The have the odds on favorite to win the Heisman and they have talent freaking everywhere.  So until they prove they aren’t number one (and Lane Kiffin just might be the guy to do that) gotta put them here.

2. Oregon- The Ducks are the clear number 2.  They aren’t without question marks but it seems that Chip Kelly just plugs some new super speedster into each of the positions and they don’t lose a beat.  Then those players get caught driving 120 MPH while high and it starts all over.  Until probation comes, Oregon stays right near the top.

3. Utah- Yeah you might call me a homer on this one but I really believe it.  We have an amazing defense and lots of talent on offense.  Our issue is that our margin for error is very thin.  An injury at QB or the O-Line and we’ll sink toward the middle.  But if Mr. Wynn says healthy and our child OC isn’t a disaster, well we have a real chance.

4. (TIE) Washington and Cal- Both of these teams are a bit of a mystery to me.  Washington has the feel of a more bark than bite group and Cal just loves to be average.  They need to show more if they’re going to break through.  And I don’t really know how to divide them at this point.

6. Stanford – Yes I’ll be chastised for this but I’m operating under the lesson that Utah learned in 2005.  You cannot lose that much talent and simply bounce back.  Between Luck and the O-line its just too much.  I think they’ll sink more than anyone realizes.

7. UCLA- I think by seasons end, the Bruins might have a little something.  I like their coach and they aren’t without talent.  Which is why I’m happy Utah plays them early.  Keep an eye on the Bruins.

8. Washington St.- Another team to keep an eye on.  They have a solid and fun coach.  Also Wazzu was coming a long a little bit late in the year.  They have offensive talent and if they can have just some defensive effort, Wazzu will be a team to scare some people.

9. Colorado- I’m kind of high on the Buffaloes.  I like their coach and I think he got a team with no talent to give some effort.  How they battled us at the end of the year shows that they didn’t quit.  I think they’ll take another step.

10. Arizona- I’m a buy on Rich Rod, but maybe not this season.  Things fell apart under Stoops and its going to take some recruiting classes and time to get his system rolling.

11. Arizona St.- As much as I’m a buy on Rich Rod, I’m a sell on Todd Graham.  I think the whole athletic department is in disarray in Tempe.  I think Graham is a bad choice, he’ll either flame out or jump if he gets the chance.  No good will come from this.  I would pick them last but…

12. Oregon St.- Mike Reily is a really nice guy and if he’d never taken that Chargers job maybe he’d have done something.  But you can’t go home again.  I think he’s about to hit rock bottom in Corvalis.