Rick Majerus Resigns From Saint Louis Because of Serious Heart Issues


UPDATE: Was just told by a source that Majerus had an L-VAD put in.  L-VAD stands for Left Ventricular Assist Device and is the same device that former Vice President Dick Cheney had put in.  

Essentially, an L-VAD pumps blood to the body when the heart is no longer able.

It is considered a therapy of last resort either as a bridge to a heart transplant or as a way to extend both the length and quality of life.

Rick Majerus, former coach at Utah and the current coach at Saint Louis has stepped down because of serious heart related issues.  After the season Majerus was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, he had surgery in Salt Lake City and spent an extended period of time in the hospital.

Heart issues are nothing new to Majerus as his first season at Utah was interrupted six games in by multiple bypass surgery.

Majerus won over 500 games in his coaching career, was minutes away from a national title at Utah and made a strong run with Saint Louis last fall.

Majerus was known for his humor among the national media.  But a gruff person style caused some friction among both local media and some fans.  He resigned from Utah under a cloud of health and personal issues.

After some time as an ESPN analysis, Majerus returned to coaching a Saint Louis.  His last season was his best, taking the Billikins to the second round of the NCAA Tournament and nearly upsetting Michigan St.

Majerus is 64 years old.

We here at Hoyo’s Revenge and I’m sure Ute fans everywhere are giving a little prayer for Rick.

Take Care Big Man.