Jake Heaps, I’m Really Going to Miss You


More often than not I try to bring some humor and fun to this site (no comments from the peanut gallery).  So when an individual comes along that just lets the joke write themselves, you really love it.

Jake Heaps was one of those individuals.

And I mean it couldn’t have had a better start.  Here is a QB, committing to BYU and he choses to do it with a press conference at a Sports Bar and the first person he thanks, no it wasn’t his parents, his coaches, his teammates or BYU for recruiting him, it was his PR agent.

How that wasn’t a red flag to BYU fans I don’t know.  But sometimes you see what you want to see.

I also had a little extra info on the kid at the time, as I lived in Spokane and knew something about Washington High School Football.  The kid had crazy overbearing parents who had dropped a cool 100K on private QB tutoring.  So there was a school of thought that there wouldn’t be much upside to Jake.  Jake was all the Jake that he would be.

Also the team he played for, Skyline, had so much crazy talent that Jake was essentially playing in a 7 on 7 league.  You’d have to wonder how he’d react playing at BYU, where the skill talent brought to you by Orem High School, might not be up to snuff.

And crumble Jake did.  For a long time many BYU fans made many excuses for him.  Which made for all that many more jokes.  Then last September this play happened.

And even the strongest of Heaps defenders couldn’t carry on.  Bronco turned on his prized recruit faster than Mitt Romney turned on his own health care reform in Massachusetts.

So here I am, instead of having at least a dozen Jake Heaps jokes a week, I’m left with lame, Bronco poached Riley Nelson from Utah St. jokes.  So thanks for the good times Jakey-poo.  I’m really going to miss you.

And unlike the song, I really did know what I had before it was gone, and it just makes it hurt all the worse.