Utah Football and the Evolution of Offense…


While we’ve seen more bits and pieces, we don’t know quite what the Utah/Brian Johnson/Aaron Roderick offense will fully look like.   And I’m guessing we won’t fully know what it looks like until week three versus BYU.

But I’m wondering if Jon Hays found his way to the back up position because we’re going to have some Oklahoma State in us.

In this article from Grantland.com, we see how offense is evolving.  Okie St. managed to be an offensive powerhouse because they could run so many plays that weren’t a run or a pass but a run and a pass.  But it goes beyond just a simple run pass option.

Essentially the O-Line blocks like a run.  The QB begins by running a read option, on the back side a screen.  What made it unique is the QB telling the other receiver to run a slant or a fade based upon the defensive line up.  Now what happens is dependent upon a post snap read of the defense.

Which brings me all the way back around to Jon Hays.  I’ve been hard on Hays because he just doesn’t have a lot of talent.  But after playing for a year, especially with Norm Chow working with him to find a way to make the offense work, the one thing he might be good at is making a quick read.

If we had to go to Hays, the offense would shift to more John White IV.  But after a few games, Hays became decent at reading defense and not turning the ball over.  Asking him to do some kind of modified version of this would seem to suit him.  And asking a true freshmen to read college defenses like that, could prove to be very tough.

All of this is speculation, but it does make some sense.

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