Ute Nation Tribute Game: Worst Idea Ever


If you’ve never heard of Disco Demolition Night, go google it, in order to learn about game promotions that can go horribly wrong.  It seems since the Blackout game arrived, we keep looking for new and unique ideas.  I like the honor the military games even if I don’t like the uniforms.  But I did see this idea finally jump the shark last night.

There are Ute fans pitching the idea of a Ute Nation Tribue Game.

I saw the idea of a Ute Nation tribute game pop up last night on twitter.  Then I assumed it was just a few well meaning but horribly misguided souls.  But now I’ve seen a few more mentions of it and I have to say something.

Stop this idea now.  Right now.

I know your hearts are in the right place, but how do you think this is going to play out.

We have 46,000 mostly white people coming to a football game.  Are you going to take all the time necessary to teach them all of the proper ways to represent the Ute Nation?  No you won’t because that will be impossible.

Instead we’re going to have 1000’s of idiots who think its a really good idea to dress up and act like it’s a 1950’s Western.  And in fact it would be on such a large scale, we could truly bring embarrassment  to both the school and the state.  These are the same idiots who don’t understand why we got rid of Hoyo in the first place.

It will be horrible.

The way we’ve honored the Ute Nation and continue to do so, is by doing things like eliminating Hoyo, ridding ourselves of the racist stereotypes and offensive images and working with them to make sure we’re not just another school calling ourselves the Indians.

So please, let this idea go away, because I would hate for someone who could actually make this happen think that it is a good idea.

We’ll be back this afternoon with any news/reports and to see if Jordan Wynn’s arm has fallen off.

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