Utah Football: Here is the Two-Deep and Some Deep Thoughts About It


Here is a link to the Utah Depth Chart going into the season.

Now Some Thoughts

1. It looks like we’re committed to Jon Hays as the backup to Jordan Wynn.  Although it could be possible, I doubt Wilson could pass him this season.  The final plan on Wilson will be interesting, try to redshirt or use in some kind of wildcat?

2. Our O-Line has 61 combined starts among them (thanks to Dan Sorensen of Utezone for that).  That is a solid number that should bode well for us.  Also all five starters saw time last season.  The downside is our right side has zero combined starts.

3. Denham and Dunn do not make the two deep at receiver.  We have a shocking amount of talent at receiver.

4. Although we do lose Star Lotulelei and both corners, we only lose four starters on defense.  Our defense seems to have joined the Pac-12 a bit earlier than the offense.

5. We have three freshmen in the two deep on O-line, while a concern for this year, we’re going to be very bright in the future

6.  Carlos Lozano did not make the two deep in O-Line.  I hope he finds he way into shape sooner rather than later and doesn’t make this mistake again.

All in all we are who we thought we were.  Utah has a defense that has a real shot at being special and staying at or near that level for a while to come.  We have lots of talent at depth at the skill positions.  The O-line in solid but depth has to be a worry.  And then there is QB.  We have Jordan Wynn who I like but has the injury issue.  He is backed by Nebraska-Omaha and a true freshmen.

Utah has a chance to be special, but it could all go away real quick.