Utah Football: Move BYU To Texas


I saw something interesting pop on twitter today, from of all places a BYU site.  And what I saw is this…

Utah has nearly completed scheduling a home and home with Tulsa for 2014-15.

Now I’m sure most of the BYU fanbase and a segment of the Utah one just went into freakout mode.

Tulsa, we’re talking about playing Tulsa instead of the Holy War?

Yep and if you’ll take a deep breath, you’ll realize it is a very good idea.  (Ok maybe not BYU fans.)

Utah currently has something like 18 players from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.  It makes it a little bit easier to recruit those kids if once in their careers we can get driving distance away from where their parents live.  Tulsa for the record is just over 4 hours from Dallas and just over 8 from Houston.

Getting Tulsa on the schedule allows us to get those kids in front of their parents, tell recruits down they’re they’ll get to see their kids and quite likely that game is two W’s for the ‘ol Runnin’ Utes.

Like I’ve said before and I’ll say again, when you look at cost/benefit to playing BYU it doesn’t look great.  It’s a tougher than normal game because it’s BYU.  It’s a game that more and more we’re going to be expected to win, therefore we’re getting no bounce from a victory.  But a loss would hurt us a great deal.

If BYU was located somewhere in central to eastern Texas, frankly I’d think it would be a better idea to schedule them.

So there it is BYU fans, move your school to Texas and we can start playing again.

Check back this afternoon for a practice update.

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