So Jordan Wynn sat out his second day of practice with tired/soreness in his shoulder and the freak out is in full effect.  In fact its given license to the Jordan Wynn haters to launch their attacks.  There is nothing classier than attacking a kid in his early 20’s because he’s had injury problems.  Way to show us you’re men.

As for Jordan, I’m still not worried.  He’s had surgery on both shoulders and has essentially spent the last two years being brought along slowly.  Then he gets unlimited work for the first time in forever, it would be shocking if there wasn’t some tired/soreness going on.  By every account he’s stronger and throwing better than he ever has and this is the first issue to come up.

I’m inclined to treat it as such.  If he doesn’t throw all next week, well lets have a chat.

As for the rest of camp, it seems even Kyle is tired of camp.  Hopefully next week some of the O-Linemen will be back from injury and we can start to see what that unit might look like.

A couple of other tips from Bill Reilly…

– Jon Hays seems to have locked up the 2nd spot.  If Jordan can’t go, I find this very disheartening.  Like I say, Jon is a good guy but he wasn’t headed to Nebraska-Omaha because he had Pac-12 talent.

– We have some crazy 2 Punter plan.  Sean Sellwood will handle the long punting duties but we’re going to turn to an Aussie and their odd punting style to use for the close punts.  The Aussie’s name is Tom Hackett and I wonder if he’ll wear pads.

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