Utah Football: THE SKY IS FALLING (or not)


So here I am, having spent a couple of days whining that there is nothing to talk about in regards to fall camp.  Then the Football God sent a gentle reminder to me to shut the hell up.

Coach Whit gave Jordan Wynn the day off because of a “tired arm.”  Now this wouldn’t normally be a big deal if we had a QB without Wynn’s injury history.  Tired arms happen when you throw for two straight weeks are not doing so for months.  But every Ute fan hears something about Jordan Wynn and the sphincter tightens up enough to make coal into diamonds.

It’s almost certainly nothing, but message gotten Football Gods, shut up or you’ll give me something to talk about.

Beyond that Bill Reilly is twitterpated by the emergence of Geoff Norwood both as a returner and a receiver.

The offensive line still isn’t settled because of some injuries, and this situation won’t be resolved before next week at the earliest.

Finally I see that they are actually letting Hans Olsen write things for the KALL 700 website.  I didn’t know there was a program that converted grunts and pounding on a table into words.  That programmer should get an award.