Ron McBride/LaVell Edwards: Why They Got Along


Since as a I mentioned yesterday, we’re in the dog days of fall camp and a ton of news won’t be coming, we took a look at the question, was LaVell a jerk as a coach or does he get a pass for a lot of things that went on down there.  And I’m not sure I have the answer because as I said, I kind of like LaVell, but how could he not bear some responsibility for what his real douchebag assistants were doing.

Then my good friend Pat pointed out something to me.  (BTW Pat wrote 100 Things Utah Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die.  If you don’t have it you can buy it here.  Also if you don’t have it you should be ashamed)

Back in the day and by the day I mean the 1990’s, we had the Big 5 coaches huddle.  Instead of each school having a media day, the coaches of the five football teams in the state gathered together for one big press conference.  It meant that each week in football season all the coaches talked and were forced to interact.  It really limited how bad things could get between coaches and in the case of LaVell and Mac, helped foster a real friendship.

Enter Gary Crouton, who decided to stop being a part of the Big 5 huddle and that BYU was too big time to do it and should have their own media day.

The Big 5 huddle comes to an end and as Pat pointed out, the walls have gotten higher and thicker from that day on and the rivalry nastier.

Urban came and Utah fans really began to strut, then Bronco and Kyle arrive and out the window goes things like the agreement not to poach missionaries (that one was on Bronco).  I think a lot of fans have taken a cue from this and that is how things seem to be so much worse now.

I wonder if you could dial it back if Kyle and Bronco appeared together each week or at least didn’t openly hate each other.

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