Utah Utes Football: Practice, I’m Talking About Practice


Today when asked what happened in this morning’s practice, Coach Whit said, “Nothing.”

And if you’ve played football at any level beyond Pop Warner you know what he’s talking about.  Now is the time when fall camp starts to suck and blow at the same time.  The excitement of being back at it has worn off.  You hit the same guys every day.  The coaches get a little bit tired of you, you get a little bit tired of the coaches.

And you still have 15 days till you hit something.

Even when I’m blogging for you people I feel like Allen Iverson, “Practice, I’ve got to sit here and blog about practice. We’re talking about Practice.

So with that whine, I’ll give you kids a little cheese.

After the made up QB controversy, it seems everyone is conceding it’s Jordan Wynn’s job now, if for no other reason that no one has taken it from him.  Bill Riley claims that Jon Hays has made the race for second interesting because he’s, “steady.”  You know who else would be steady, me, in that I would be consistently really really awful.  Steady as she goes.

I get the use of Jon Hays if Jordan goes down for a short time and we’re trying to save a redshirt for Wilson (although some claim we might be trying to create a wildcat package for him.  The wildcat seems so 2008).  But if we lose Jordan again, we have to turn this over to Mr. Travis Wilson, don’t we.  I mean if we have to give up on the season, wouldn’t we rather Mr. Wilson develop instead of watching Hays throw bad passes and hand off to John Whte IV?

Other than that, it looks like we’ll know our starting offensive tackles by next Monday.  My hope is by the time we play a team with some talent and yes BYU I’m calling you that, Carlos Lozano will have played himself into something close to shape.

The defense looks continually great.

The return men are solid.

Hope that helps

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