Utah Utes Football: There Are Concerns But They Ain’t At QB


Blogging about Utah athletics has been very interesting.  I’ve actually had people, friends stop talking to me, found a whole group of BYU fans who find me entertaining and generally had a very good time.  But the most interesting thing is seeing how the media and/or the fans write certain narratives and ignore vastly more important.

Take this QB controversy that is supposedly taking place.  Now I’m a 1000 miles from Salt Lake City and I’ll tell you it just isn’t going on.  There could be 100 reasons why Whit said what he said about players being pushed, just coach speak to making us feel good about our backup situation that really derailed us last season.  But if there is any actual thought of going with a true freshman or GOD FORBID Jon Hays when you have another choice, it will be a monumental mistake.  And the one thing Kyle doesn’t do is make many mistakes (outside of not recruiting kickers, but I digress).

However, there is something going on that should send up warning signs for everyone, and that is the injuries on the offensive line.  O-line was a serious problem last season.  It is why we went and recruited an entire class of linemen.  This is a problem that could truly derail a season.

And it seems like crickets are chirping about it.

Now I get that QB is the sexy story, but you’d think one person outside of a couple of bloggers might keep bringing this up and telling people, this is the story that you should remain aware of.

Some food for thought.

We’ll be back this afternoon with some scrimmage news.

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