Utah Football: What Do We Know After The Scrimmage


We didn’t learn a ton of new things from the scrimmage.  But it looks like a couple of things pop out.

– Jordan Wynn is going to be the starter.  After some supposed criticism sent us into a tizzy, Wynn responded enough for Whit to say nice things.  It would be shocking were it someone else.

– O-Line, specifically tackle has to be a concern right now.  Mr. Lozano, you have until the BYU game on Sept. 15 to get into shape.  How about 30 more lbs down in the next month buddy.

–  It seems Coleman Petersen has lost his mojo.  If anyone has seen his mojo, please call the Utah Football Offices immediately.  And can we please recruit a kicker, seriously, my kingdom for a kicker.

–  Adam Shultz is getting a lot of good press but sits behind Jon Hays on the depth chart.  I’m curious what the coaches are seeing when all these folks aren’t around.

– The Defense looks very very very good.