BYU Football: Reward Goes Horribly Wrong…


After a solid day working on the new pre-game dance and then squeezing in an actual day of practice, a watermelon bust went horribly horribly wrong.

(Side Note:  the practice was marred slightly when new graduate assistant Max Hall suggested the team should only focus on playing one quarter of a game well.  His theory is that you don’t need to commit to a whole game, when doing only one quarter of that commitment is good enough)

It seems they used the same watermelon which was planned to be used on Monday before the Van Noy-bunny incident.  The watermelon had been sliced already and then placed back into essentially air tight coolers.  This allowed the watermelon to ferment.

The players claimed that the watermelon tasted funny but it was free so they weren’t going to stop eating it.  Afterwards many players reported feeling tingly and kept saying, “I love you man,” to one another.

Sadly, Bronco had no choice to refer the incident to the honor code office and the entire team was suspended for the season.

BYU will be holding open tryouts to field a team next Monday.