Utah Utes Football: It Turns Out Everything Makes Me Nervous


When the news of the injury to Marc Pouvave that Carlos Lozano was really fat and the suspension to Brian Blechen came down, I was concerned that maybe things were taking a bad turn.

Then we hear that we’ve still got a great deal of talent on the line, that Blechen has owned his mistake and that Lozano is losing weight and it helped take the sting out of things.

Now we’re hearing that things are going as well as could be expected.  The offense is coming along, the defense is looking great as suspected they would and Kyle seems pleased.

And guess what my reaction is.

I’m getting nervous because things are looking good.

Is it the nature of a Ute fan to just never drink the Kool Aid or to at least be conflicted?  On one hand I think we could be special, on the other, I’m fully prepared to be kicked in the huevos.

Anyone else feeling this way?