Utah Utes Basketball: Some Marshall Henderson Thoughts…


Yes, it’s the first day of fall camp and I’m giving you some thoughts on former Ute Marshall Henderson.  This is why I’m a great blogger.

Marshall is the Ute that everyone loves to hate, Ute fans, Cougar fans, anyone whose met him, many who haven’t.  It’s hard to think of  a bigger waste of talent.

But I just found out something…

Marshall, who is on his way to Ole Miss from South Plains JC after a brief stop in Lubbock, TX interrupted by felony drug charges, since dismissed, led South Plains to an undefeated season and a JC National Championship.  He was also JC National Player of The Year.

I just found this out today.

So here is a thought.  Say Marshall loves basketball  more than weed or purple drank.  In fact say he doesn’t love weed or purple drank at all.

Is his jersey hanging from the rafters?

Before you freak out contemplate this.  Marshall averaged 11.8 per game and during conference he led the team with 13.6 PPG.  And that was while we had no real inside game and Drca and Carlon Brown were openly hostile to each other (let alone Marshall’s antics not helping).

Imagine if the guy is a team player.  Is it really a stretch to think he just might become one of the best guards ever to put on a Ute uniform.

Just some thoughts?