Some Final Penn St. Thoughts…


The final two points I’d issue before we can hopefully take it’s lessons and move on are:

1. The NCAA did the right thing in acting

2. Penn St. did the right thing in accepting

As to the first point, I have heard a great deal of bashing of the NCAA and of course they aren’t a perfect institution.  But the tweet I heard last night was, what if the NCAA did nothing.  No organization can have one of it’s member institutions cover up for a child molester and say nothing.

As to the second, Penn St. did the right thing in taking what the NCAA game them.  One of the cardinal rules in crisis management is to get your name out of the press.  If Penn St. fights we would spend another year talking about all of this.  Plus the sanctions will allow Penn St. to fight another day.  It will hurt but they will have a future.  They can have a story of lessons learned and moving on.

And most important for all of us is a cautionary tale as to what can happen when one man has too much power.  Utah fans won’t want to hear this but we were headed down the same road with Rick Majerus.  And Majerus lovers save your antics about me comparing anything Rick did to covering up child molestation, I’M NOT.

But near the end of his time Rick was WAY over the line far to often and we have too many people who not only accepted it but celebrated it.

Indiana, had the same problem with Bobby Knight, and I’m sure most other schools with one coach who has won big do as well.

This is a lesson I wish we as a society would learn.