BYU BASKETBALL: Shocking Details of a Genetics Program


It is with great effort and a significant amount of personal danger to myself that I expose what has been going on with BYU Basketball.

BYU while having had a solid basketball program, has never approached the heights of Utah Basketball.  That is why it seems so very strange that Utah Basketball could suddenly collapse and BYU is suddenly a significant player.

Well I have concrete evidence of not only BYU genetically engineering basketball players but using this same program to attack the very power structure of Utah Basketball.

The Beginning

In 1961 and again in 1966 Utah reached the Final Four of the NCAA Basketball tournament, levels that BYU never felt it could reach.  So a plan was hatched in a secret underground room on the BYU campus (under the old Helaman Halls if you know the BYU campus).  Their problem was a simple yet quite complex one, how do you turn unathletic white guys into good basketball players.

Their first step was to send extra missionaries to Argentina.  Their job was to recruit German scientists whom had decided to live there after World War II for some reason.

Project Ainge

Their first project was to find an LDS player with some skill and make alterations to his DNA.  Because of the changes to the DNA, this project was given the name DaNny Ainge.  The Ainge had a great deal of skill, however there was a serious side effect called Ainge Syndrome, incessant whining over all wrongs real or perceived.  Sadly due to a lab accident, this trait has ended up not only in most players who play for BYU but many of its fans.  Anyone spending too much time around BYU develops this.  Seeing this creep into Utah fans is a major reason why Utah has considered ending all contact with BYU.

Step Two:  Building Players From Scratch

Excited by their success with Project Ainge, the group then decided to grow what was hoped to be the most dominant player ever thought of.  But when the player turned out to be too freakishly tall, they almost euthanized him.  A slim majority allowed him to play on.  His name was Shawn Bradley.  However defects in the Bradley caused him to never fully develop.  Therefore it was decided to send the Bradley to the NBA before his defects could be discovered and use the money to further fund this work.

Bradley lives out his days on a farm in central Utah where he and other genetic mistakes from this program are allowed to run free.  It was considered a more humane solution.

Complications:  The Reid Complex

Developed at the same time as Bradley were two brothers whom were claimed to be the sons of Roger Reid who would go on to coach BYU.  However, one look at the Aryan features of the Reid brothers and the horrid troll like look of Roger should have clued everyone in to their being a problem.

In an attempt to eliminate Ainge Syndrome, the opposite happened.  The Reid boys whined so much and became so dislikable that it nearly destroyed BYU basketball.


The money from Bradley’s time in the NBA (as well as money from what was a complete lab mistake Rafael Arajuo) put together a massive expansion of an ahead of its time genetics lab.  To conceal the real purpose of this location, a high school was eventually built on top of it.  That high school is Lone Peak High School.

But before the lab was enlarged, a future player was grown there.  There was great hope for this one, but in case there was another problem like the Reid Complex, the group wanted distance.  So once it became a child it was sent to a family in Great Falls, New York.  That player was Jimmer Fredette.  The douchebaggery of the Reid boys was removed but with it was any interest Fredette had in playing defense.  This was considered acceptable.

In fact Fredette was so likable, even Utah fans kept saying he seems different.

However, the group eventually decided to implant these genetically enhanced embryos into the wives of former BYU players.  It made for an easier cover story. It was also easier to send all of these kids to Lone Peak High School so problems like the Reid Complex could be identified and dealt with as much as possible.  Some players are allowed at other Utah County schools so as not to create suspicion.

Attacking Utah

But building up BYU was only part of the plan.  Utah had to be attacked.  And that job would become harder as Utah actually had a really good coach and an Athletic Director with a basketball background.  Surely nothing could go wrong.

The first plan was to make the coach go insane.  This was done through several methods, chemicals in his food, post hypnotic suggestion that it was a good idea to live in a hotel but the most amazing thing was BYU’s manipulation of the NCAA Tournament Committee.

And how was this done, with nothing other than BYU’s own Manchurian Candidate, Dr. Chris Hill.  I mean even without the proof, its obvious.  What other explanation could their be for an Athletic Director to so neglect a schools flagship program and then offer the idea that the way to bring it back was to hire a guy with 2 years coaching experience at Montana to save it.

But proof there is.  BYU in their plans knew that Utah would have to kill itself.  So they engineered the perfect person to become Athletic Director at Utah.  And he would have no ties to BYU, from the east coast, Catholic.  In fact they would plant rumors that he hates Mormons.

But in fact Chris Hill was created in a lab on the BYU campus.  He was raised essentially in a warehouse on the outskirts of Orem, where everyday he would be trained to want one job, Athletic Director at Utah.

In fact, the only thing BYU did wrong was making Chris Hill’s subconscious hatred of basketball so strong, that he developed Utah into a winning football school.  Another side-effect the group did not plan on and are attempting to figure out how to combat as we speak.

But Hill was a master at destroying Utah basketball, always promising things to coaches and never delivering.  Hiring them and then showing no support.  Never developing facilities. And then the master stroke bringing in a guy who no one on the planet wanted to coach their basketball team and making him the future of Utah Basketball.  Some even say the new coach was part of the plan.  Why else would you get rid of all your players when there were no problems.


In a few years the Hill experiment will be over as he reaches retirement age.  Will the damage he as done be enough to keep Utah Basketball down?  Can BYU’s genetics program continue.  Will their decision to give their creations some amount of free will harm them (as seen with their greatest creation Jabari Parker perhaps not choosing BYU)?

I have brought all of this information to you at great personal risk.  Sure some may not believe but could their possibly be any other explanation?

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