Utah Basketball: Nice Job on Van Dyke Larry, Will You Be Around To Coach Him


I should offer congratulations to Larry and staff for landing in-state talent Parker Van Dyke over Arizona St. and Utah St.  It is a nice get.  But the first question that comes to me, will Larry be here to coach him?

2015-2016, the first year the mission bound Van Dyke will play a minute for the ol Runnin Utes would be year five of Larry’s deal.  Since is is a five year deal, he will either have to be extended or fired before that season begins.  No coach ever coaches in the last year of their deal.  So here is the rub, if Larry actually does well enough to earn an extension, it’s going to mean he’ll have options, options to go to schools with a real commitment to basketball, one Utah hasn’t shown.

If he has that level of success, who could blame him if he jumped, I surely couldn’t and I blame Larry for nearly everything.

On the other hand, if he turns out to get us right around the level we were when Boylen was fired, Larry will be let go.

I’ll make it the new poll question, but honestly doesn’t it have to be around 70 percent right now that Larry never coaches Parker Van Dyke for one second?