84 Days Till College Football/17 Things I’m Looking Forward To


Editors Note: 5.22.12 marked 100 Days Till College Football Kicks Off.  Each day I’m going to post once thing I can’t wait to see.  These will be in random order, some sappy, some funny, some serious.  But it’s something to do until the season gets here.  I would love to hear some comments about what you’re looking forward too.

84. The Return of Mandi.  For those of you new to Hoyo’s Revenge I have a football gambling column written by a sorority girl named Mandi.  She picks games against the spread and posts pictures of hot coeds.  I personally think it’s fantastic and cannot wait for it to reappear.

85.  Seeing what Mike Leach can do at Washington St.  At the end of last season Washington St. was showing some signs of life especially on the offensive end.  Can the Pirate come to the Palouse and kick start this program into something that it hasn’t been for about a decade.  Could be a whole lotta shootouts in eastern Washington.

86.  Oregon’s New Uniform combinations.  Say what you will, but Oregon has gone about redefining cool for 1000’s of prospective college athletes.  Honestly, I love that Oregon takes chances, some hit’s some misses.  I love it when someone is bold.  I’d love to see Utah take a couple of more chances beyond the black (which are hella-COOL by the way and yes I said hella).  Utah has no longstanding uniform tradition and it would be an excellent idea for us to turn that into a strength by coming out with several.

87. Just how bad Todd Graham will be at Arizona St.  The ASU coaching search was a mess and almost everyone thinks that Todd Graham is first a world class a-hole and second not a good football coach.  I think the question is how quickly will he run ASU to the bottom.

88.  The first time I hear that it is obvious we should have another SEC rematch or that two loss SEC teams should play for the title because it is just so very obvious that they’re the better.  The shine really came off the SEC when Utah was kicking Alabama’s ass in the Sugar Bowl.  But it has become one of those annual rites of passage for some idiot to talk about the glory of the SEC.  It will be interesting to see what happens if a playoff ever comes and SEC teams actually have to leave the south and prove it.

89. Marching Bands.  It’s one of those little things but I love the first time I hear the famous fight songs live.  The first chance I get to see, Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin and so on will be just glorious.  And that doesn’t even mention hearing Utah Man live.  Isn’t it just one of those things that gets you going?

90. How Good Can the Utah running game be?  We have Juan Blanco coming back, a very talented JC transfer and very well thought of Harvey Langi who will find his way at some point, not to mention Jarrell Oliver who looked very good in the spring.  With so much talent and so many styles to offer, it will be interesting to see how it breaks out.  However it does, it will be fun.

91. Wyoming Cowboy Football.  Look I grew up a Wyoming fan and now that Utah has moved to the Pac-12, it gives me a chance to follow the Pokes again.  Last year they made a bowl game, but one would think they need to continue to progress under Dave Christiansen.  But it’s nice that Wyoming has had this kind of stability from a coach who knows what Division One talent looks like.  So it will be interesting to see if the Cowboys can take another step forward.

92. BYU fans reaction to their schedule in November.  After October 13th, BYU fans have one home game and its against Idaho.  We’ve heard repeatedly about how they love Independence and I’ve decided to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they do.  But it will be interesting to hear if that remains true come November.

93.  How good will USC be?  If USC is to win a national title, it has to be this year.  They have the QB and after this year, despite what many Trojan fans think, those sanctions will start to have an effect.  So it will be interesting to see what USC can do.  Can they still get a shot at the national title with one loss like all SEC teams are afforded, or will they have to run the table.  Honestly if you were looking one story to follow going into this fall, it is USC.

94. What will Boise St. look like in the post-Kellen Moore era?  I’ve always felt that Boise is walking a bit of a tight rope and that it wouldn’t take a ton to knock them back a fair distance.  They’ve lost a lot of talent over the past couple of years.  Will their final year in the MWC bring them a MWC title or will the stumble their way to the Big East.  I think it’s an interesting story to watch.

95. Can Jordan Wynn stay healthy?  I’ve always been a big Jordan Wynn guy.  He was sort of thrown to the wolves against a great TCU team and damn he just kept fighting.  I’ve never gotten why some Ute fans are so down on him.  Of course there are the same Ute fans who were down on Brian Johnson, said things like, “he just doesn’t have it” or “he should move to receiver,” so perhaps I shouldn’t worry so much.  I think Jordan is a great kid and I’d love to see him come out and really blow it up.  We’ve got a whole lot of toys on offense so if Jordan can bring it, we could be very special.

96. Missouri and Texas A&M in the SEC.  They probably won’t do much but I’m oddly cheering for them to make some noise if only to have to listen to all those SEC honks back-peddle.  I haven’t heard SEC back-peddling since the ’08 Sugar Bowl and well it was a whole lotta fun then.  I’d like to hear it again.

97.  The Brian Johnson Offense and Ute Fans reaction to it.  Ute fans have long had a I hate you relationship with their offensive coordinators.  I think only the greatest offense in Utah history, the 2004 Alex Smith/Urban Meyer Ferrari began to satisfy them.  It will be interesting to see what happens on the first play we don’t score a touchdown.

98. The USC Song Girls in Rice Eccles Stadium on October 4th.  The USC Song Girls are one of the truly tremendous traditions of college sports.  To this day wearing those lovely sweaters that any red-blooded American man should love.  I know I’m supposed to hate USC since we’re all Pac-12 and stuff.  But most things USC are truly part of college football tradition and the Song Girls are second to none.

99. The return of Urban Meyer to college football.  God I love Urban Meyer because he makes things more fun.  People love or hate the guy and there is no in between.  He pissed of the MAC, the MWC, the SEC and now he’s on to rage in the Big 12.  Love him or hate him, college football is more fun with Urban Meyer on the sidelines.

100.  My son’s first college football game.  He’s turing three this fall so its time to see how far he gets through a college football game.  He made it through two basketball games this past season so I’m excited to see.  The downside is, it will be an Arizona Wildcat football game.  However, I may make it the Oklahoma St. game.  Anyway this is a big deal, a kids first football game.  My first game was Wyoming vs. New Mexico in Laramie.