Is Jeremy Olsen The Future Shining Star of Utah Hoops


Editors Note: This is the second contribution from Corey Christiansen.  Corey enjoys candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and a sense of humor.

Jeremy Olsen has just returned from his mission and is now attending the University of Utah. I couldn’t be happier to have this guy back on our team. He wasn’t stolen away from us like our last RM Josh Sharp. His first year Boylen redshirted him but this guy had an impressive career at Collins Hill High school and broke almost all records at that school. This happened in a state that produces basketball talent like Derrick Favors. He had offers from BYU, Notre Dame, Xavier and Ole Miss. This guy was a major get for Utah at the time and has been forgotten because he went on his mission.

His sister Tiffany attended SLCC with me and I talked to her about the games. She told me that after Jay Watkins was injured the coaching staff almost made the decision to play Jeremy at power forward for the rest of the season. They decided it wasn’t in Jeremy’s best interest to play that season . I believe that if Jeremy played that season that would have given us a winning record and given Jim Boylen another year to build his program.

I believe that Larry K has some talent on his roster this season. Some people are high on Lenz as a player but I really think one of our best players will be Jeremy Olsen because his high school career was very good and I think his college career could end up being better.